May 2018 Update

Such a lot of progress has been made over the last year and half and finally we can give you an update of everything that’s been going on around here.

One of the projects going on behind the scenes for the last few months was the development of our new Camp Kitchen facilities!

It’s equipped with plenty of cooking facilities, an outdoor BBQ, and both indoor and outdoor seating areas.
We’re looking forward to seeing what sorts of culinary delights our guests will cook up!

Another project that has been in the works, very publicly for the last few months, is the development of our new Office and Reception area!

This is definitely one of the more exciting upgrades we’ve done so far, as it allows us to better cater to guests needs with improved check-in/check-out facilities and our new Kiosk area which contains Ice-creams, Drinks, Local Candy and Fire Supplies.

Upgrades aren’t stopping yet, we’ve still got plenty planned for the future, stay tuned!

Warburton Accommodation