Four Pillars was established with a focus on gin, but great gin doesn’t just make itself. They recognised that the real focus would need to be on the craft of distilling. If they could elevate this area of expertise in Australia, and bring a modern Australian sensibility to the process, then maybe they could make a gin worth shouting about. 

Currently, Four Pillars has six spectacular gins in their range (and counting) as well as two marmalades that are made using the fresh organic oranges that are steamed during the distillation process. Come see and taste it all for yourself. The distillery also houses a fully functioning tasting room and a bar serving Gin & Tonic paddles, build-your own Negronis, Scotty’s Ginger Mules, beer, wine, tea, coffee and really good nuts and olives. There are also tours, masterclasses and all manner of fun.

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